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Important Reminder: Sample Collection Procedure

SC Labs is committed to your success and that of your organization. As part of our commitment to provide prompt and exceptional laboratory services, we ask that you properly collect, label, and package all products intended for cannabis compliance testing in California. Failure to prepare products in their final form may result in your sample being rejected during collection or excluded from testing at the laboratory.

Protocol for Collecting Samples

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the lead regulating agency, is very attentive to product packaging and labeling, and regularly monitors compliance tests across the industry and the state of California. The BCC is contacting licensees directly to enforce sample collection regulations.

The BCC states the following:

The sampling of cannabis products must be in their final form before a licensed testing laboratory can obtain a representative sample for regulatory compliance testing, pursuant to 16 CCR section 5705(b). In reference to a cannabis product or pre-roll batch, 16 CCR section 5708, a “packaged unit” would be the final form of the product as it would be sold to the consumer. Further, distributors are not permitted to fill, package, and/or label manufactured cannabis goods, with the exception of labeling only for cannabinoid and/or terpenoid content.

For more information regarding the protocol for collecting samples of cannabinoid concentrates, extracts, and products, visit:

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