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State-specific Hemp Compliance Testing

The right tests for where you distribute

Trying to keep tabs on each state’s requirements can be tedious and confusing, with some states changing their regulations at different points during the year. At SC Labs, we’ve made it easy for you.

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The SC Labs difference

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Fast Data Delivery

With hemp testing in California and Colorado, we have instrument redundancy and the capacity to deliver most test results within 2-3 days.

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Regulatory Expertise

Need help with state compliance? Want help getting into a mainstream retailer? We’re here to untangle and cross reference what tests are required vs. desired.

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Service Focused

Our team of customer service, tech support, and account managers will be with you throughout the process. Need a cross-functional meeting with science, regulatory, and business experts at the table? Yes, we can do that too.

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As SC Labs is a Registered Hemp Testing Laboratory under California’s Department of Food and Agriculture, California hemp businesses that produce industrial hemp, finished, and unfinished industrial hemp products can count on us for their compliance testing as well as quality control testing.


Colorado may have the strictest hemp testing requirements in the country but our team is equipped to help hemp businesses meet regulations. SC Labs a Colorado-certified hemp testing laboratory with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) and has worked with many Colorado companies over the years. As a result, we can provide you with a roadmap to help you navigate the state’s regulatory landscape.

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Hemp Testing Map - SC Labs State Coverage
State-specific Hemp Compliance Testing

California, Colorado

Registered Hemp Testing Provider

California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas

USDA Hemp Compliance Testing

Available in states as permitted

National and International

Hemp regulations vary considerably across state lines, making it especially difficult to ensure full compliance. SC Labs’ National Hemp Compliance Panel is designed to help hemp businesses ensure regulatory compliance nationwide with unparalleled ease and convenience. Distributing internationally? We have many clients that utilize our Trace THC cannabinoid method to prove international compliance.

Sample Size Requirements

To ensure your data is as accurate and reliable as possible, SC Labs has sample size requirements for each test conducted on each product type. These requirements may vary from laboratory to laboratory and your product type, so be sure to speak with your account manager to ensure successful sample submission.

Hemp Test Packages

Package NameMinimum Weight
Basic QA Package - Flower12 g
Basic QA Package - Product (Concentrate)11 g
Basic QA Package - Product (Infused)21 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Standard - Flower15 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Standard - Inhalable Product9 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Non-Inhalable Product21 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Flower16 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Product (Concentrate)*15 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Product (Infused)25 g
Pre-Harvest Hemp Potency Analysis5 g

Individual Test Panels

Panel NameMinimum Weight
Cannabinoids - Concentrate1 g
Cannabinoids - Infused10 g / 10 mL
Cannabinoids - Flower5 g
Trace THC - Infused10 g
Trace THC - Concentrate5 g
Trace THC - Flower5 g
Terpenes - Pure Terpenes / Essential Oils1 g
TerpenesSame as Cannabinoids
Pesticide Panel - Comprehensive2 g
Pesticides Panel - Standard2 g
Pesticides Panel - Basic2 g
Micro Extraction10 g
Mycotoxins2 g
Residual Solvents Panel - Comprehensive1 g
Residual Solvents Panel - Standard1 g
Heavy Metals2 g
Metals Panel -Trace Elements2 g
Hop Latent Viroid Testing2" stem or 1 full fan leaf
Vitamin E1 g
Microbiological Panel - Comprehensive8 g
Microbiological Panel - Expanded6 g
Microbiological Panel - Standard6 g
Foreign Material
Moisture Content4 g
Water Activity2 g

A la Carte Microbiological Assays

Microbiological Assay NameMinimum Weight
Aspergillus2 g
Aerobic Bacteria2 g
Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria2 g
Campylobacter Spp2 g
Candida Albicans2 g
Coliforms2 g
E. Coli2 g
Enterobacteriaceae2 g
Listeria Monocytogenes2 g | 10 g
Psuedomonas Aeruginosa2 g
Salmonella2 g | 25 g
Salmonella + STEC (Micro2)2 g
Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC)2 g | 25 g
Staphylococcus Aureus2 g
Staphylococcus Spp2 g
Total Yeast and Mold2 g
Yersinia Spp2 g

Dropping off samples?

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P: (888) 800-8223

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SC Labs California

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