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Terpene Testing Solutions

Knowledge is power

Terpenoid analysis is beneficial for everyone in the supply-chain: cultivators, breeders, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, consumers, and patients. We’ve revolutionized terpene reporting, paving the way to make easy, data-driven decisions about cannabis and hemp products.

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Why is terpenoid testing important?

  • Consumers
    Understanding terpenes is essential to help identify the right strain for their desired effect.
  • Retailers
    Terpene analysis bolsters the understanding of a strain’s potential when recommending varieties that best suit the consumer needs.
  • Breeders
    Terpene data aids in the ability to selectively modulate the terpene ratios of strains in order to maximize desired benefits.

More options. Fast results.

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Target as many as 39 terpenoids

  • Determine anticipated entourage effects
  • Help customers make purchasing decisions
  • Stand out from the competition
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Standardized test methodology for rapid, repeatable results

  • Gas chromatography-flame ionized detection (GC-FID)
  • All analytes ISO accredited
  • Rigorous, routine process inspections and data audits
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Easy, secure access to your test data

  • Fast terpenoid testing turnaround
  • Instant notifications throughout the testing process
  • Customer Service Portal streamlines reporting and data management
  1. Applies to our CA, CO, and MI labs. Our OR lab is accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP)

Chemometric Reporting

How brands win with SC Labs

Give your customers an easy way to evaluate the flavor, aroma, and effects of your cannabis products.

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