Oregon cannabis compliance testing

SC Labs’ Tigard facility is ORELAP-accredited and licensed by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC). Our test methods meet the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requirements for cannabis compliance, with an extensive range of analytes.

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The SC Labs difference

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Defensible Data

If the safety of your product is ever in question, SC Labs’ test results provide certifiable evidence to confirm or refute possible claims.

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Peace of Mind

Confidence in your laboratory means no more wasting time and money on sending the same sample to multiple testing facilities.

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Quality Assurance

Your test results not only fulfill compliance requirements but also provide insight into the trends of your production.

Compliance Testing

Getting your cannabis products to market in Oregon requires compliance testing mandated by the OLCC. This includes a laboratory-performed sampling of a cannabis batch to ensure a representative sample is obtained.

SC Labs provides a worry-free experience by managing every step of the certified testing process, from sampling to posting the final report. Looking for R&D or QA/QC testing services? We offer a comprehensive suite of tests for your unique product line.

Product TypePotencyPesticidesMycotoxinsResidual SolventsWater ActivityMoisture Content
Usable Flower
Concentrate or Extract
Cannabinoid Products

What is a compliance batch?

A compliance batch is a single unit of market-ready harvest cannabis or a manufactured product.

Harvest Batch Sizes

The sample size must be sufficient to complete all analyses required but shall in no case be less than 0.5% of the weight of the batch. The maximum batch size is 50.0 lbs or 22.68kg.

Batch Size (lbs)Batch Size (kg)Sample Size (lbs)Sample Size (g)


  • Sample requires at least 7 grams of plant material to perform all necessary tests.
  • Sampler must collect minimum number of increments.
  • All harvest batches should be sampled from bulk container for efficiency.

Concentrate Batch Sizes

Includes concentrates, extracts, finished inhalable products, or industrial hemp-derived vapor items. Sample increments are products in final retail form.

Batch Weight - lbsBatch Weight - kgSample Increment - PrimarySample Increment - DuplicateNumber of Replicates
0 - 3.310 - 1.5011
3.32 - 6.611.51 - 3.0033
6.62 - 13.233.01 - 6.0055
13.24 - 26.466.01 - 12.0077
26.47 - 55.1212.01 - 25.00771
55.13 - 110.2325.01 - 50.00772
110.24 - 220.4650.01 - 100.00773

To calculate the number of replicates required for batches exceeding 100 kg:
Batch weight in kg/50)*1.5, rounded to the nearest whole number. 

Infused Batch Sizes

An infused product includes edibles and all other non-concentrate products not naturally produced by the cannabis plant.

Batch SizeMin Sample Size
≤ 50 units1 unit
51 - 150 units3 units
151 - 500 units5 units
501 - 1,200 units8 units
1,201 - 3,200 units13 units
3,201 - 10,000 units20 units
10,001 - 35,000 units32 units
35,001 - 150,000 units50 units

Same-day sample pickup available

Under Oregon regulations, all samples must be collected from the licensee’s premises by a licensed lab sampler.

SC Labs has a network of trained and licensed samplers throughout Oregon, so we can get your samples into the system as quickly as possible. Faster, more efficient collection of samples means you can quickly get products to market.

Sample Vans

  • Medford/Southern Oregon
  • Portland/Northern Oregon
  • Eugene/Central Oregon

Dropping off samples?

15865 SW 74th Ave., #110
Tigard, OR 97224

P: (503) 272-8830

M-F: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

In-house METRC support

METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) is a web-based, state-mandated software platform. It’s utilized by several states in which we have labs, so we’re not only knowledgeable about the system, but also have direct access if we need to escalate an issue. Have questions about your lab results in METRC? Please contact us, we’re happy to help!