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Client Success Stories

Delivering results while ensuring our clients are positioned for success.

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SC Labs’ mission is to build value for industry partners by providing impeccable data insights to drive innovation, and the science to unlock product potential through suggested therapies and organoleptic attributes. See what some of our clients have to say.


Featured Image Mercy Wellness

Mercy Wellness

Dispensaries can be confusing places, especially for customers who may be new to cannabis or for those looking for products to achieve a specific therapeutic effect. How can retailers and…
Featured Image Bloom Network

Bloom Network

Cannabis consumers are becoming more sophisticated, and they’re really wanting to better understand the products that are available to them. There are virtually hundreds of products on store shelves, so…

It's time that cannabis becomes a more data-driven industry. Everyone claims they have the best. quality products, but we're using science and data to actually show what's inside of those products.

William SumpCEO, Bloom Network