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Bloom Network is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
Bloom Network was founded by California cannabis industry leaders with a historic commitment to advocacy and the compassion that guided the passage of the state’s first medical cannabis regulations. The company’s business is modeled on compliant operation, maintaining sustainability, supporting company growth, and creating collaborative opportunities with leading companies and emerging operators.

The Challenge

Cannabis consumers are becoming more sophisticated, and they’re really wanting to better understand the products that are available to them. There are virtually hundreds of products on store shelves, so how do you know that what you’re getting will deliver the desired effects?

It’s no longer just about indica or sativa or THC levels. Manufacturers must source strains with the right balance of terpene-to-cannabinoid ratios that offer customers a range of effects, because everyone is shopping for something different.

“It’s time that cannabis becomes a more data driven industry. Everyone claims they have the best quality products, but we’re using science and data to actually show what’s inside of those products.”

William SumpCEO, Bloom Network

The Solution

Bloom Network wanted to present the plant to customers in a whole new way with a focus on the cannabinoid-to-terpene ratios. So rather than offer a flowery product description that was purely subjective, the company decided to focus on data and facts. The Entourage Effect can be an empty promise for many, but for Bloom Network, they wanted to deliver on that promise, which means they had to source strains with the right balance of terpene-to-cannabinoid ratios.

In partnership with SC Labs, the company began testing its products at all levels of production—in dry cured form, crude form, and as a final product—to ensure that those ratios were on target. Bloom Network realized the immense value in the PhytoFactsⓇ data visualization reports and decided that sharing this information with consumers was the best way to offer product assurance.

Bloom Network chose two of its flagship brands, Full Spectrum Republic and Triple Scoop Genetics, and redesigned the packaging to include the terpene effects wheel with a QR code that links to a more in-depth explanation. The goal is to have a PhytoFacts QR code hyperlinked on every product.

Boosting consumer confidence through informative packaging. Above, Bloom Network’s Triple Scoop Gelato pouch features the expected entourage effects by using the PhytoFacts relative pie chart for this particular batch.

But for Bloom Network, having this data also helps them ensure the full expression of each strain in all of the products they create from vape cartridges to concentrates to full spectrum products.

“It’s time that cannabis becomes a more data driven industry,” according to William Sump, CEO of Bloom Network. “Everyone claims they have the best quality products, but we’re using science and data to actually show what’s inside of those products.“

“Data in this industry is highly underrated,” according to Alec Dixon, the co-founder of SC Labs. “For consumers, being able to actually see the documented compound ratios in a product can go a long way toward building trust in a product.”

The Impact

“We’re hoping to see an impact on sales,” according to Sump. “But you can’t just slap a new label on a product and hope that customers take note. We’re focused on educating our budtenders on how to interpret these new labels so they can educate customers. In turn, we expect that people will start seeking out brands who offer this level of transparency.”

Triple Scoop Gelato product and PhytoFacts mobile

PhytoFacts is a complete platform and tool to characterize the quality of your flowers and concentrates.

With little standardization, many of the largest flower and concentrate brands are promoting terpene content in a less than ideal manner. The integrated PhytoFacts solution enables patients, consumers, and those in the supply chain to predict a broad range of flavors, aromas, and effects from laboratory analysis reports. Take a tour of PhytoFacts, and see how easy it is to make data-driven decisions about your cannabis and hemp flowers or concentrates.

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