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MJBizDaily Staff, MJBizDaily

LAS VEGAS – As the regulated marijuana industry wraps up the 2022 business year, companies are fine-turning their strategies for whatever new challenges 2023 might bring.

Cannabis business leaders attending MJBizCon described a variety of expected headwinds in the year to come – and a range of plans to adapt and succeed.

We’ve seen how lab shopping has frequently led the worst-actor cannabis brands and labs to perform better, while high-efficacy brands and science-first labs suffer…In the year ahead, we’re focused on combating this issue head-on and ensuring that, as an industry, labs be held accountable for the results that they deliver.

Jeff Journey, Chief Executive Officer, SC Labs

“The market has a lot of marijuana in it right now,” said Beth Kotarba, chief operating officer of vertically integrated Colorado company Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Kotarba sees challenges in “getting the right balance of supply and demand,” especially given the long lifecycle of cannabis plants.

“We’ve been addressing it by…