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Calvin Stovall and David Downs, Leafly

There are six main terpene profiles that define the 6,000 strains in the Leafly database today. Leafly turned them into music genres, so you can curate your next dispensary list with the same precision as your playlist.

Cannabis’ smell molecules, terpenes, are the instruments that set the pace and melody of your high.

There are 17 common terpenes that can be mixed and matched into six major classes, according to SC Labs and the Emerald Cup, who introduced new terpene-based judging categories into their 2021 competition to cover the full spectrum of modern cultivar scene.

To demystify the shopper journey, Budtenders and shoppers can use the SC Labs judging categories and Leafly’s color-coded shape cards to help remember which strains and terps they prefer.

They established “sensible category names that everyone from seasoned smokers to the canna-curious can relate to,” according to the Cup’s website. The categories are SC Labs’ solution to the growing number of “jaded cannabis consumers (that) are finally tuning in to the fact that buying cannabis products based on THC totals alone rarely leads to…