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Eric Sandly, Cannabis Business Times

SC Labs delivered a comprehensive overview of each winning cultivar’s terpene profile.

At the California State Fair this year, attendees will find a new crop sitting alongside cheese, berries and heirloom tomatoes of vibrant hues: cannabis flower, also boasting its many vibrant hues. The fair hosts its first cannabis competition this year, with Cultivar Brands producing the highly visible event before the world’s largest legal marketplace. The California State Fair runs through July 31 in Sacramento.

Winners were categorized within indoor, outdoor and mixed light environments, and from there, the competition broke down the different cannabis flower entries into various chemical constituents. Greenshock Farms, for instance, won the gold award for its outdoor ocimene-dominant cultivar, Passion Orange Guava. High Grade Farms won the gold award for its indoor caryophyllene-dominant cultivar, and Peanut Butter Cup. Esensia won the Best of California “Golden Bear” award in the caryophyllene category for its Lemon OG.

Each entrant was tested by SC Labs, which produced a detailed chemometric report for the flower.

We’ve been doing a bunch of research into our data and sorting everything by terpene content and learning a lot about how cannabis is classified by potential oil content.

Alec Dixon, Cofounder and Director of Client Relations, SC Labs

SC Labs launched its terpene testing in 2013, according to co-founder Alec Dixon. Since then, the team has honed the process over hundreds of thousands of tests across California and Oregon…