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Vuk Zdinjak, Benzinga

SC Labs announced on May 10th that its labs are now capable of testing for the highly infectious hop latent viroid, known as “dudding disease.”

The viroid, which stunts the growth of cannabis plants and reduces the potency by as much as 40%, is almost impossible to detect based on symptoms alone. According to the company it is estimated that the common practice of shipping cloned plants across the country has led up to half of all plants in the US to be infected.

We firmly believe the only way commercial growers can protect their plants and consumers is through regular testing, especially as experts estimate that the viroid is present in half of all plants in the country.

Josh Wurzer, Chief Compliance Officer, SC Labs

Unlike other pathogens, like fungi, yeast and bacteria, there are few visible symptoms of a hop latent infection until plants are in flower. SC Labs has developed procedures to…