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SC Labs, Yahoo Finance

Greater chemometric reporting will be at the core of the new network

SC Labs today announced it has rebranded Agricor, Botanacor, and Can-Lab to become one company under the SC Labs name. The company now offers seamless testing services for cannabis across California, Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado, as well as hemp testing capabilities nationwide. This represents the first stage of expansion that will deliver significant value to multi-state cannabis operators and large wellness brands in need of streamlined and accurate testing across state lines.

“We aim to be the new standard in the testing of cannabis and hemp products,” according to SC Labs CEO Jeff Journey. “Our primary objective is to be the platform that embodies safety in cannabis through innovative solutions, method development, integrity in reporting, and through advocacy for sensible regulations on behalf of the industry and consumers.”

We want to expand on that knowledge and continue to lead the industry away from high THC levels towards a more comprehensive evaluation of the quality in cannabis, including terpenes and other compounds

Jeff Gray, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer, SC Labs

SC Labs has long been recognized for its expertise and analysis of cannabis chemometric profiles that illustrate the role of terpenes in…