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Calvin Stovall and David Downs, Leafly

Sounds gross, but it’s probably going to be OK. Leafly spoke to experts from across the industry to weigh the pros and cons.

New York wants to get its adult-use market going so badly, it’s cutting a few safety corners to get there.

On Wednesday, news broke that New York smokers could be exposed to cannabis that has potentially harmful levels of mold, mildew, and yeast. State regulators dropped the so-called pass/fail limits on total microbiological contamination after some marijuana growers claimed last week that most of their supply would not pass testing.

I get the idea of waiting and gathering data and making a data-driven decision on these action limits. I think it’s not (an) entirely unwise decision to pause pass/fail criteria, but continue to test and monitor.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SC Labs

With pressure mounting to launch New York’s legal market by the end of the year, regulators dropped testing standards not because mold is safe to smoke and inhale, but because growers kept failing the stringent tests.

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the New York Office of Cannabis Management emailed licensed growers to…