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As hemp products gain mainstream appeal and reach more and more people every day, it is important for hemp brands to keep consumers suffering from allergies in mind when labeling their products.

Certain types of terpenes, for one, are known to cause allergic reactions.

“Cannabis trimmers often break out in terrible hives when trimming cannabis. Just a reminder that some cannabis compounds can be allergenic,” says Josh Wurzer, who co-authored the article, Contact Allergy to Cannabis and Related Essential Oils, on the March issue of Dermatitis(1).

In the article, a 40-year-old woman underwent patch testing after suffering from nummular dermatitis on the trunk, extremities, and face for a year.

At the 48-hour reading, a strong vesicular reaction to cannabis leaf was recorded.

A sample of the cannabis leaf was later tested for terpenes, revealing the presence of limonene and other terpene sensitizers.

“This is another reason for manufacturers to do extensive testing and labeling so consumers who might be sensitive to certain compounds can choose cannabis products that don’t contain the specific terpenes that are the issue rather than quit cannabis altogether,” adds Wurzer, who is also the president and co-founder of the California-headquartered cannabis and hemp testing lab, SC Labs.

Wurzer is the president and co-founder of cannabis and hemp testing lab, SC Labs.

Listing potential allergens on your product’s label go a long way in fostering consumer trust and confidence.

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(1) Azim, Sara Abdel MS, et al., “Contact Allergy to Cannabis and Related Essential Oils”, Dermatitis, March 2022,