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Jimi Devine, LA Weekly.

Prerolls are one of the fastest growing sectors of the cannabis space, but now the industry is dealing with a whole new issue as batches of dirty papers have begun showing up over the last year.

The latest scare was announced by SC Laboratories last week. In the process of testing some prerolls that were filled with cannabis that previously tested clean, SC Labs verified positive results for the pesticide compound chlorpyrifos at three to four times the action level set by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

…it just kind of goes to show that these producers need to be cognizant of their inputs…a bad batch or two of papers slips under your nose and you could fail a whole cannabis batch.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and President, SC Labs

Josh Wurzer, SC Labs’ president and cofounder, explained the preroll industry’s newest scare.

“So I just started kind of troubleshooting with them. We started looking at their inputs and kind of focused in on the papers right away,” Wurzer told L.A. Weekly. “Sure enough they came back multiple times higher than California’s detection level limit to…