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By Ryan Najjar and Jimi Devine, LA Weekly.

If you are a cannabis smoker in Southern California, please be advised that the concentrate strain White Buffalo19 failed recent chemical residue tests for myclobutanil.

Late last year, we were tipped off that a product at Delta 9, a legal dispensary in Southern California, was contaminated. After reviewing test results and documents, we then had one of our team members obtain an assortment of products from the dispensary and bring them to a different testing facility. Almost every product passed the required tests, but White Buffalo19, a strain owned by Delta 9, was singled out as problematic.

There are a bunch of things that could have happened to cause contaminated buds to make it this far down the supply chain.

JOSH WURZER, Co-Founder and President, SC Labs

To offer some context, the smallest amount of this chemical that can be detected in a one gram sample is .02 micrograms (ug). The action level, the quantity at which the substance can be considered harmful, is .1 ug. White Buffalo19, unfortunately was shown…