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Mark Lewis and Alec Dixon, LA Weekly.

Cannabis Science 101

Indica, sativa, and hybrid are the colloquialisms that have dominated cannabis culture and the corresponding marketplace since the beginning. While recent literature has proven that this archaic vernacular has little validity, the continued use of this vocabulary has only hindered the education and progress of the cannabis industry at large. Contrarily, there is a novel way to sort and categorize cannabis products that can be used to educate consumers, pave the way for meaningful cannabis competitions, and a way that can survive, evolve, and thrive through the test of time.

This is no different than beer or wine. In fact, the parallels are astounding. As our understanding of cannabis essential oil grows, so will our ability to sort and organize new flavor and aroma categories.

Our goal is to revolutionize the cannabis industry and change the way people shop for cannabis products. Napro Research and SC Labs have been partners for a decade now in trying to dive deeper into the compounds of cannabis and the nuances of each cultivar. And over time, we’ve realized just how off base the industry is in defining cannabis classes. So what better way to help educate the public than through…