Sample Submission

Submitting your laboratory samples to Botanacor is an easy 3-step process.

Step 1
Prepare your samples

Review the sample size requirements for each test, follow the sample preparation steps and label the container clearly.

Step 2
Complete chain of custody form

The chain of custody form is used to establish new accounts. Complete this form and include with your samples.

Step 3
Mail your samples

Place your samples in leak-proof containers in a sturdy box or padded envelope. Mail via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.


Some legal reminders

Before we begin, it is important to note that Botanacor Laboratories is an Industrial Hemp and Hemp-derived Product testing facility. Only agricultural samples derived from Cannabis sativa L. that qualify as Industrial Hemp or Hemp-derived product shall be sent for testing purposes.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting samples for testing.

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Step 1: Sample Preparation

It is important to prepare your samples for testing prior to sending them for analysis. Please review our sample preparations steps below.

Sample size requirements

Your sample will need to meet our minimum sample size requirements, which is dependent upon the type of test requested and the sample matrix. Please review our requirements below.

Click to view our sample size requirements


  • Plant material (flower, biomass, etc.): 2 grams
  • Concentrates: 1 gram
  • Infused Products:
    • Edibles – 4 units/pieces
    • Tinctures – 1 mL
    • Topicals – 2 grams
  • Waters/Drinks: 60 mL OR provide a full finished product for determining fill weight on analytical scale
  • Please note: If your sample container is not resealable, we will not be able to retain these samples following testing due to the risk of contamination.

Dry Weight Potency (USDA):

  • Plant material only: 2 grams
  • Note: your state may require a specific sample size based on your state’s sampling requirements.

Trace THC:

  • Plant Material / Extracts: 2 grams
  • Infused Products: 2 grams or 2mL of liquids

Terpene Profile Analysis:

  • 2 grams / 2 mL
  • Please note, Botanacor Laboratories does not perform Terpene Analysis on solid products such as infused edibles/capsules. If you would like terpene testing performed on finished products, please provide the concentrated oil or plant material used to formulate these products.

Pesticide Screening

  • Plant Material: 2 grams
  • Concentrates: 2 grams

Residual Solvent Analysis:

  • 1 gram / 1 mL

Microbial Contamination:

  • Microbial test samples must be in a separate sample container from samples submitted for all other testing.
  • Plant material/extracts/liquids: 3 grams.
  • Food products (gummies, pet treats, etc.): At least 2 units and must weigh at least 3 grams total.
  • Microbial test samples must be in a separate sample container from samples submitted for all other testing.

Heavy Metal Testing:

  • Plant material/extracts/liquids: 1 gram
  • Food products (gummies, pet treats, etc.) 1 gram
  • If solvents were used to make your product, please indicate this on your chain of custody form.

Water Activity:

  • 2 grams of finished products


  • 20 ml aqueous (water-based) product


  • 20 ml flowable liquids only

Use separate containers for each test when feasible

If your sample requires more than one test, please submit in separate containers if possible. Microbial contamination test samples must be submitted in a separate container.

Are you submitting biomass/plant material?

Prior to submitting biomass or plant material samples, you will want to thoroughly dry and grind your sample so it is even in consistency and homogenous. Wet and non-homogenous samples will potentially have skewed results and won’t be representative.

Label your samples properly

Samples should be clearly labeled with the following information:

  • BATCH ID (optional)

Download our sample label templates to use with Avery mailing labels (optional):

Labeling your samples

Step 2: Chain of Custody Form

When submitting samples to Botanacor, you must complete our chain of custody form with every order. Please type directly into the form to ensure legibility. Make sure to include this form with your shipment. The chain of custody form is also used to establish new accounts.

Botanacor Chain of Custody Form

Guide to completing the chain of custody form

Enter your account information

Please provide your company information, the accounts payable contact, the primary lab contact, and any additional employees that require access to your client portal.

Sample information section

Sample name

Sample Name
Enter the name of the sample as you would like it to read on your certificate of analysis. Please note, we cannot change the sample name after the analysis has completed. If a different sample name is required, a new sample will need to be submitted.

Batch ID
If you have an internal batch record that you use for tracking, enter that number/lot here. This field is optional. Please note, we cannot change the Batch ID after the analysis has completed. If a different Batch ID is required, a new sample will need to be submitted.

Product Profile Testing Section

Enter all the product profile tests the sample requires on the same row.

Cannabinoid Potency
Our potency test requires additional information so we can accurately test your sample.

Turn Times
Standard = 4 days, Next Day, and Same Day. We have a 10:30am cut-off. Samples received after 10:30am by our Intake department we will be processed the following day.

Report Format
We can report potency in three reporting formats: percentage (%), mg per unit, or mg per ml. Choose one from the dropdown menu.

Percentage is our default format for plant material or extracts. No other information is required for this format. We will report the results in a % and milligram per gram amount.

Report Format Percentage

Milligram per unit is the recommended report format for finished products. The report will calculate the total amount of cannabinoids per container or unit, e.g. one tincture bottle, one capsule, one gummy, etc. This format requires the fill weight in grams of the contents inside the container. Enter the weight of the product in grams in the additional info field.

Report format - mg/unit

Milligram per millilter is used for liquids. In order to calculate potency results in mg/ml, we need to know the density of the carrier oil.

Report format - milligram per mililiter

If you don’t know the density, you will need to select our Density test in addition the Potency test.

Report format - density

Additional Info
If you select mg/unit as the reporting format, enter the fill weight in grams. If you select mg/ml, enter the density.

The concentration of the cannabinoids to total weight of your sample will determine how we prepare it for testing. Please select a concentration range from the dropdown menu.

For example, your bottle of tincture has 1000mg of CBD and total weight of the contents is 28.5 grams. The concentration would be 3.57. Select 0 – 10% from the dropdown menu.

Report Format Percentage

Is your product water soluble?

If you are using a water soluble powder or liquid, select “Yes” from the dropdown menu.

Water soluble product

Contaminant Testing section

Enter all the contaminant tests that your sample requires on the same row.

Contaminant testing

Heavy Metals
If solvents were used in the manufacture of your product, please select “Yes” from the dropdown menu.

Notes section

Use this section to communicate anything that we need to know about your account or the sample(s) that you’re submitting.

Notes section

Step 3: Mail your samples

Once you have prepared your samples and completed the chain of custody form, it is now ready for shipment. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your samples arrive safely at our laboratory.

Include sample documentation

Consider including any documentation that you may have that will identify your samples as hemp or hemp-derived. This could be any state or international cultivation/manufacturing licenses or previous certificates of analysis. If your package gets selected for inspection, postal inspectors won’t know whether your shipment is a legal product or an illegal one without documentation.

Packaging your samples for shipment

Ensuring sample integrity while in transit will be important to avoid any shipping or testing delays. We recommend packaging your samples in a dual container system.

Primary Container

  • Please submit your samples in reinforced, resealable, labeled containers that are suitable for your product matrix.
  • For glass containers, reinforce screw caps with adhesive tape.
  • Affix a proper label to clearly identify the contents.

Secondary Container

  • To prevent breaking or leaking in transit, please reinforce your primary containers properly, e.g. bubble wrap.
  • Use a watertight/leak-proof container or sealable mylar envelope.
  • Reinforce the container using adhesive tape or heat seal.


When your samples are prepped and ready for submission, be sure to package everything in a sturdy shipping box, as opposed to an envelope. Please submit a completed chain of custody form as well as labeled samples in your package.

Please send samples to:

ATTN: Sample Receiving
1301 S. Jason St. Unit J
Denver, CO, 80223 USA

Sample Drop-off Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to mail your samples via the USPS. If local sample drop off is required, you can put your samples into our lock box that is located to the right of our lobby entrance. We are open for business, but we will be keeping our lobby entrance locked during business hours.

Turn times and payment options

How long does the testing take?

Our testing services are five days or less. We also offer expedited turn times for some of our services. Our daily cut off for sample submission is 10:30 am MST. If packages are delivered after 10:30am MST, another day will be added to the requested turn around time.

Our turn time calculator will calculate your expected turn time.

Payment options

We accept:

  • Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover.
  • Checks

How do I pay for my order?

  • Include a check with your sample submission; or
  • Pay by phone. Our accounting department will email an invoice to the billing contact on file within 3 business days. Once you receive your invoice, call: 888-800-8223 extension 1 for accounting and they will process your payment.

Line of credit:

If you would like to apply for a line of credit, please download our credit application and send to our accounting department.