Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What testing services do you offer?

We provide testing for Cannabinoid Potency, Residual Solvent Analysis, Microbial Contamination, and Shelf Stability (Water Activity and pH).

Can you test cannabis from a Primary Caregiver or a Colorado resident?

No. We only test Industrial Hemp and Hemp Infused Products from manufacturers.

Can I send samples from outside of Colorado?

Yes. The 2018 Farm Bill allows for interstate transportation of hemp and hemp derivatives. Please follow our sample submission instructions found here.

Do I need to be registered with METRC in order to test at your laboratory?

Botanacor Services does not require METRC* registration.

* METRC is the seed-to-sale tracking software that is mandated by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) for licensed cannabis cultivation facilities and infused product manufacturers. METRC registration for hemp is optional. To learn more about METRC hemp registration, click here.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, check, money orders, and credit cards. Payment is required at the time of sample drop off.

Submitting your Samples

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. No appointment is necessary and you can drop off samples anytime during our business hours.

Can I send my sample(s) through the mail?

Yes. We accept hemp and hemp-derived samples via postal services like the USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Please follow our sample submission guidelines if you plan on mailing your samples. [link]

Do you offer delivery service?

We work with a network of insured, third-party couriers that specialize in hemp deliveries. If you require a courier, please give us a call at (720) 460-3489 and we will provide you with a list of trusted couriers.

How should I prepare my sample(s)?

  1. Download and complete our Chain of Custody Form and bring with your samples.
  2. Each sample should be submitted in its own container and labeled with the sample/batch name and type of test required.
  3. We test your sample in the state that we receive it in. Raw hemp should be properly cured and milled to ensure a homogenous representation of your sample.
  4. If you are submitting a sample for microbial contaminant testing, you will want to wear gloves when handling the sample to minimize the possibility cross-contamination.

Should I dry my hemp plant sample prior to sample submission?

Due to the high volume of samples that we test on a daily basis, Botanacor does not provide any addition sample preparation steps. We test your sample in the state that we receive it in. Raw hemp should be properly cured and milled to ensure a homogenous representation of your sample.

Do you homogenize hemp plant samples before performing your test?

No. You should homogenize your hemp plant sample before submitting to our laboratory.


What is your Potency method?

We perform our Cannabinoid Potency testing on HPLC with spectral analysis. This allows us to report CBDa and THCa in addition to CBD and THC.

What is your Residual Solvent Analysis test method?

We perform Residual Solvent Analysis on GC/MS (Mass Spectrometry). Using GC/MS gives us three points of confirmation: 1.) retention time, 2.) Molecular Mass weight, and 3.) Daughter Ion Mass weight. Other laboratories use a standard GC with FID (Flame Ionization Detection), which can only provide retention time.

What are your methods for Microbial Contamination testing?

For E.coli and Salmonella testing, we use qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction). For Total Yeast & Mold testing, we use 3m Petrifilms.

Are you ISO 17025 accredited?

Yes, Botanacor Services is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited through A2LA (American Association of Laboratory Accreditation). A2LA is the only independent, 501(c)3, non-profit, internationally-recognized accreditation body in the United States that offers a full range of comprehensive laboratory and laboratory-related accreditation services and training.

Our certificate number is: 4329.02. In addition to be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, we follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Client Portal

How do you deliver your laboratory results?

Each client is provided with a private website or “Client Portal” to login and securely view/retrieve their laboratory results.

How do I gain access to my Client Portal?

You will receive an invitation from our email address indicating that “A workspace has been shared with you”. Simply click the link to set up an email address and password.

How do I login to my account?

In the top right corner of is a menu item labeled, “Client Login”. You can also login at:

How will I be notified that my results are ready?

As results are processed and uploaded to your Client Portal, an automated email will notify you that results have been uploaded.

Can I add other employees to the distribution list?

By request, you can add as many email addresses to the distribution list within your company as you’d like. Written approval is required by a manager to add email addresses to the distribution list. Note: It is your responsibility to notify Botanacor of changes to your distribution list.

Where are my results?

Your results are conveniently organized in a nested folder structure as follows: Year > Month > Test Type > Date of Upload.

Can I download my results?

Yes. You can download individual results one at a time or you can download all results within a specific folder. Hover your mouse over the folder icon and a download link will appear.

How do I search for a specific result?

In the top upper right corner of your Portal is a search bar. Simply type in the sample name or the batch ID you provided. You can also search by date or type of test.

Is my data secure?

Using SSL, every communication is sent over a secure, encrypted connection. Additionally, data is always stored encrypted when at rest. Our service is monitored 24/7, and our practices are verified by VeriSign. We automatically create encrypted backups of your data using 256-bit encryption with multiple redundancies. Our server vendor maintains security protocols in place for organizations to remain HIPAA compliant. Through their relationship with Amazon Web Services, your data is stored with SSAE 16 certification and PCI DSS Level 1.