The national hemp industry is maturing and the need for reputable laboratory services is important. Businesses need to have the assurance that the laboratory they have partnered with can provide accurate data. The hemp industry will continue to see inconsistencies until laboratories implement a validation initiative that mirrors the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our validation initiative was an extensive undertaking that took nine months to complete. During this time, we decided to not accept a single sample until we could validate our entire system. This has given us 100% confidence that we are providing our clients the most accurate, consistent, and reliable results in the industry.

Not only do we have the right testing framework in place, we also have the right team. Botanacor Laboratories’ entire team comes from Pharma testing and compliance and has worked in those fields for decades.

Every laboratory will deliver you a piece of paper with your test results on it, but the engine behind those lab results is what matters. We built our entire business and core values on FDA-regulated compliance standards that are required in all other industries. We are confident that we can be an asset to the health and longevity of your business.

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