When submitting samples to Botanacor, you must complete our Chain of Custody Form with every order. This form will give us the necessary information to correctly prepare your samples for analysis.


Account Information Section

Company Info
Enter your company name, address, and telephone number.

Accounts Payable Contact
Enter the name, phone number, and email address for the person in charge of accounts payables. We will send invoices to this contact.

Primary / Lab Reporting Contact
Enter the name, phone number, and email address for the person that will be the main point of contact for lab results and questions regarding sample submission.

Additional Client Portal Access
Enter the email addresses for the individuals that require access to your laboratory results.

Sample Information Section

Sample Name
Enter the name of the sample as you would like it to read on your certificate of analysis. Please note, we cannot change the sample name after the analysis has completed. If a different sample name is required, a new sample will need to be submitted.

Batch ID
If you have an internal batch record that you use for tracking, enter that number/lot here. This field is optional. If you leave this field blank, we will list “N/A”. Please note, we cannot change the Batch ID after the analysis has completed. If a different Batch ID is required, a new sample will need to be submitted.

Product Profile Testing Section

Cannabinoid Potency
This section requires additional information so we can accurately test your sample.

Turn Times
Standard = 4 days, Next Day, and Same Day. We have a 10:30am cut-off. Samples received after 10:30am by our Intake department we will be processed the following day.

Report Format
There are 3 reporting formats: %, mg/unit, and mg/ml.

  • Percentage is our default format for plant material or extracts;
  • Milligram per unit is the recommended report format for finished products. The report will calculate the total amount of cannabinoids per container. This format requires the fill weight in grams of the contents inside the container.
  • Milligram per millilter is used for liquids. In order to calculate potency results in mg/ml, we need to know the density of the carrier oil as it is not a straight 1:1 conversion. If you don’t know the density, you will need to select our Density test in addition the Potency test.

Additional Info
If you select “mg/unit” enter the fill weight in grams. If you select mg/ml, enter the density here.

Depending on the concentration of the cannabinoids to total weight of your sample determines how we prepare it for testing. Please provide your best estimate of the concentration. If you don’t know, write “unknown”. Please note: delays in reporting may occur if target concentration is unknown

Contaminant Testing Section

Contaminant Testing
Enter the contaminant tests that the sample requires.

Heavy Metals
We need to know whether your sample was processed using a solvent, e.g. ethanol, pentane, etc. Mark Yes or No here.

Notes Section

If you have any special instructions or information that is important to the order, use this section.

Payment and Confirmation Section

Payment Type
We accept checks made payable to “Botanacor Laboratories” and credit cards. If you select credit card, please do not include your credit card number. We will call your Accounts Payable Contact for payment.

Name and Signature
Please enter your name and provide your signature.